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feature film about German Poet Inge Müller



Inge Müller was born in Berlin in 1925. During World War II, she participated in the Reichsarbeitsdienst in different towns in Styria until she would be sent to Berlin as a Luftwaffe aide. Her parents died in an air strike. They lay buried together under rubble for three days with a dog. This was a traumatic experience which would accompany Inge for the rest of her life.

In the post war era, she was a secretary, Trümmerfrau, a worker, a journalist and a correspondent. Her first marriage to Kurt Loose lasted only a short time but produced a son. Already by 1948, she married Herbert Schwenker who was the leader of the variety theatre Friedrichstadtpalast and later the Circus Busch. She became a member of the SED and lived in Lehnitz, a district of the town of Oranienburg, from 1954 until 1959 where she enjoyed a privileged and unburdened existence.

In autumn of 1953, she became acquainted with Heiner Müller at a function of the Young Authors Working Group (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Junger Autoren). She soon afterwards moved into a shared apartment with him and they were married in 1955. The pair, who now earned their money as freelance writers, worked together on radio drama and theater pieces.
However, Inge Müller’s dream of working together with Heiner as equals soon began to fade. She stood in the shadow of Heiner, who considered her more a coworker rather than as an equal partner.

Plagued by depressions and psychosomatic troubles she attempted suicide several times. She was finally successful after an attempt on 1 June 1966. Only 41 years old, the writer died in her apartment on Kissingenplatz 12 of medication overdose and poisonous gas.

Her final resting place is in Friedhof Pankow III, a cemetery in Berlin.



Inge – Jeanette Spassova
Written, Produced and Directed by Ivan Stanev

Berlin, 1998 – 2019
60 min. / color